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New Blog Series: Marriage Tips

Skinny Sexy Bride is dedicated to providing busy brides with total wedding and marriage preparation. Starting on July 21, we are launching our new “Marriage Tips” blog series.

These marriage tips are all honest, straightforward and can keep you out of the counselor’s office. It’s widely known that the first year of marriage can be the […]

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Premarital Counseling for the Groom?

One of the best things that any couple who is looking to get married should be considering doing before they take a walk down the aisle is investing a few sessions in premarital counseling.  Marriage counseling is designed to help ensure that the couple is fully prepared for the wedding ahead of them and stands the absolute best chance of having a long and lasting relationship.

Whether or not you and your husband have decided to go to pre-marital counseling will be your own personal decision, but one thing that every bride should be doing before she walks down the aisle is having a good look through the following check-list and making sure that her and her husband-to-be are on the same page with these issues.

This will help put your mind at ease that you two are destined to be together.


The very first thing that you should be looking at is your ethical stance as your husband-to-be.  It’s important that you both have similar thoughts and viewpoints on this as it can drive many of the decisions that you make in life. […]

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